schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

4 Things To Include In A Contract With A Cleaning Company

Felecia Coleman

If you manage a large office building, it will more than likely be your responsibility to manage the cleaning of the building. You will need to hire a company to take care of the cleaning during hours when the building is not open for business. This ensures that clients never have to see someone scrubbing toilets or hear a vacuum cleaner running. When hiring a cleaning company to do work for your office building, you need to have a contract with them. The following guide walks you through what to include in the contract.

Times Cleaning Needs to Occur

You need to establish on what days and at what times the cleaners need to be at the building. You do not want for any clients to be present when the building is being cleaned because someone could be allergic to the cleaning products the cleaners use. It is best to schedule the cleaning crew to come a few times a week, a couple of hours after the close of business.

What Needs to be Cleaned

You need to establish what the cleaning crew is responsible for cleaning. You do not want to have the cleaners clean off anyone's desk during their cleaning. There could be sensitive information on or in the desks, so it is best to have the cleaning crew steer clear of those areas.

What Happens During Inclement Weather

You need to establish what will be expected if inclement weather hits. You do not want to have mud and salt tracked all over your building for days on end. Be sure to establish if the company will come more often or what will be expected if they cannot make it one day due to inclement weather.

Who Provides the Cleaning Supplies

You need to specify who is responsible for providing the cleaning supplies that will be used to clean the building. If the company provides the supplies, be sure that the cost of the supplies is included in the overall price that you pay them for their services. If you have to provide the supplies, be sure that you account for those additional costs when you are determining your budget for the cleaning services.

By setting parameters for the cleaning company, you can rest assured that both you and the cleaners will be on the same page. This ensures that expectations are met and consequences are in place in case they are not met.

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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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