schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

3 Janitorial Services You Need To Employ When Moving Out Of A Rental

Felecia Coleman

In many cases, landlords will give you a bigger portion of your deposit back if you clean your apartment or condo before vacating it. Here are 3 janitorial services you need to use when you move out so you can leave the apartment in good condition.

Window Cleaning

First, window cleaning is a must because windows get dirty inside and out. This is especially important for sliding glass doors because these doors are exposed to the weather constantly.

In order to clean your windows, get a bottle of vinegar, a rag, and a squeegee. To start, spread the vinegar all over the outside of the window with one of the rags. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then use the wet rag to rub the vinegar into the window even more.

You need to do this so the vinegar lifts up dirt and hard water that has built up over time. Next, use your squeegee to wipe the vinegar away by wiping from the top of the window all the way down to the bottom. Try to do full strokes from top to bottom so there are no streaks or marks.

If necessary, get a dry rag and wipe the windows down after the squeegee just to make sure they are spotless.

Steam Cleaning

Second, steam cleaning is important for tiled flooring and for kitchen appliances. Steam can burn you, however, so hire a janitorial company to perform this service. They will use a professional steamer to clean the tiles, along the grout, and they can clean all of the major appliances to remove crumbs, caked on food, and dust.

This is more effective than just wiping down the appliances because you cannot get between the grooves and along the vents where crumbs tend to accumulate.

Detail Cleaning

Last, the details are what will really make a difference when you have your final cleaning inspection with the landlord. Do not forget to clean baseboards, the tops of appliances that are not easily seen, lighting fixtures, fans, the outside of your cabinets, and doors.

When you clean, it is easiest to use dusting products on anything made out of wood. If you have food stuck to the cabinets, then use a little water and a rag to wipe the food away, and then finish off with some polishing oil so the cabinets really shine again.

By doing these 3 things, you can clean well and show your landlord you deserve as much of your deposit back as possible. If you're running short on time, or are otherwise unable to do the cleaning, call in professionals like A Plus Cleaning Service Inc. to assist you.


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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