schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Choosing Between A Gas, Wood And Electric Fireplace

Felecia Coleman

A warm, glowing fireplace is the perfect accent to any home. But do you want a gas, wood or electric fireplace? Each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your own personal needs. All of them will be about as expensive to install, but they may have separate maintenance costs. 

Gas: Convenient and Attractive

A gas fireplace looks very similar to a traditional wood fireplace, but it is usually turned on with the flick of an electrical switch. Though they operate through gas, they don't need to be manually lit. A gas fireplace requires a gas attachment and because it is real fire it can pose some danger if it is left unattended. Rather than using real wood, a gas fireplace normally contains very realistic ceramic wood.

Gas fireplaces  can be expensive--though the expense is tyically minimal. They produce a nice, warm glow, but the level of the fire is almost always preset. Some more expensive gas fireplaces do allow for the control of the level of heat.

Wood: Authentic but Costly

Wood fireplaces are by far the most authentic choice. Many people enjoy the smell and sound of burning, crackling wood. Wood fireplaces will eventually burn themselves out, so they do not have as high of a likelihood of doing damage if left unattended -- though obviously, all fireplaces should not be left unattended. Wood fireplaces can be seen as very luxurious.

A real wood fireplace is very expensive to install and it can be expensive to maintain as well. The cost of firewood is usually higher than the cost of either gas or electricity.

Electric: Easy but Artificial

For those who are afraid of having an open fire in their home, electrical fireplaces can be an excellent option. electrical fireplaces are very easy and affordable. They are not real fireplaces; they are just space heaters that have the appearance of a fireplace, usually via a display screen. Electrical fireplaces cost as much to run as an ordinary space heater. The downside to this type of fireplace is purely that it is artificial. Some people feel as though these fireplaces appear "cheap," and they do not add value to the home. 

So which option is best for you and your home? A gas fireplace is an excellent compromise between the aspects of both wood and electric. An electric solution is likely the easiest while a wood solution might be the most authentic. To learn more, contact Northwest Chimney Service Inc


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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