schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Keeping Your Pediatrician's Office Clean

Felecia Coleman

If you are a pediatrician, keeping your office clean is important as small children will be in your establishment each day. Because of this, it is imperative to have cleaning done each night so your clients do not become ill by touching germs from earlier patients. Here are some tips to use around your doctor's office so it stays disinfected to help avoid the spread of illness.

Use Green Products

Have your cleaning crew use green products to keep children safe. If a child happens to touch a surface that is disinfected with chemicals and then puts their hand in their mouth, they risk becoming sick from the exposure of harmful substances. Green products are used in more and more environments, especially where children or pets are frequent visitors.

Target Specific Areas

Make sure your cleaning service gives special attention to high-traffic areas within your pediatrician's office. The waiting room is one spot that needs thorough cleaning. Make sure garbage is taken out and that all surfaces within reach of small children are disinfected each evening. If there are bins of toys in the office, have the cleaning service wipe them down regularly so that children aren't exposed to dangerous bacteria. If you have fish tanks in your office, make sure the glass is wiped down, as well as any glass windows between rooms. Have the service wipe down handles on paper towel dispensers and sinks in the bathrooms. All examination tables need disinfecting nightly as well.

Designate Areas

It is beneficial to have a separate waiting area for children with communicable illnesses so they do not spread germs to children waiting for well-visits. Consider separating your waiting area into two sections and have the cleaning service give added attention to the area where sick children wait. Rip out the carpeting in this area and put a television in the room instead of having an area of toys. This will help limit the exposure to germs.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpets within the office should be vacuumed nightly and steam cleaned every week or so. Because of the nature of your business, carpeting is prone to urine and vomit staining because small children do not know to run to a restroom to contain these bodily functions. 

If a child has an accident occur during the day, blot the area using a mixture of vinegar and water. Do not drag the material across the carpet as that will embed it into the fibers further. Leave a note for your cleaning service informing them of the mishap and circle the affected area with a piece of string so it can be found easily and given additional treatment. If you need to hire a cleaning service, contact a janitorial company such as Lelia's Cleaning Service, Inc.


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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