schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Tips For Keeping Pet Messes From Staining Your Carpet Or Rug

Felecia Coleman

No matter how frequently you have your carpets professionally cleaned, a naughty or ill pet can easily manage to put down some nasty stains in between cleanings. To prevent permanent discoloration, you'll need to act fast with a DIY cleanup (unless it's just so bad that you feel justified in calling for emergency cleaning services). Here are some tips to help you successfully treat messes and stains left by pets.

Clean it up immediately

The longer you leave a mess, the more time it will have to dry on and "set" into the carpet, and the harder it will be to lift later. No matter how disgusting the mess is, you should get right down to it and tackle it by at least removing any solids and blotting the area with a damp cloth. When you remove the solids, be sure to scrape them straight up using a utensil with a strong, thin edge rather than rubbing them into the fibers. After disposing of the solids, use a damp cloth or paper towel (once again being careful not to rub anything in) to gently wipe any remaining mess from the top of the carpet.

Use gentle cleaning options first

Once you've removed the bulk of the mess, it's time to start trying to remove the little bits that are already soaking into the carpet. If possible, place a large folded-up towel beneath that section of the carpet to catch any moisture that gets through. Then start blotting the topside with a wet cloth, using either straight water or water with equal parts white vinegar or a little gentle soap mixed in. Squeezing a little water carefully through the soiled fibers (not too much—you don't want to saturate the area) can help remove contamination. If you need more cleaning power after you've tried this technique, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and then mist it with white vinegar to get some fizzing action going.

Test products before using them

No matter which end of your pet the mess came from, you're probably going to want to use stronger cleaning solutions than just vinegar and water, and quite rightly too. Pets can be germy, and they can have parasites as well (some of which can actually make pets more likely to soil the carpet). But never use solutions that contain bleach, which could discolor your carpet permanently. Getting a designated cleaner intended for use on pet messes is likely to turn out better. And to be on the safe side, test any commercial cleaning products on a tiny, unnoticeable area of the carpet before using them on the stain to make sure they won't fade the colors either.

These tips will help you prevent permanent staining while you tackle any disgusting mess that your pet is likely to leave on your carpet or rug. If there are still stubborn stains left behind on your carpet, contact a residential carpet cleaning service for professional assistance.


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