schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

3 Reasons Your Cleaning Business Should Utilize A Commercial Laundry Service

Felecia Coleman

If you operate a cleaning company that provides services for residential customers or business clients, one issue that you need to consider is if you want to wash your clients' dirty linens, laundry, and uniforms as part of their session. Should you decide that you will launder their items, you may find that your company can benefit from the offerings of a commercial laundry facility. Here are a few reasons your cleaning company should consider utilizing a commercial laundry service.

1. You Can Minimize the Amount of Time You Spend on Laundry

Laundering soiled items can be time consuming, especially once you take into account how much time you have to spend waiting for the laundry to wash and dry. Though you may have other tasks you can handle while you wait, this takes away from the time that you can spend completing on-site cleaning. 

Many commercial services give you the option to drop your soiled items off and pick them up later. Since they have multiple laundry machines, they can launder the items more quickly than you can if you wash them on your own.They'll handle washing, drying, and folding them according to your specifications. When the laundry is done, you just need to pick them up and take them to the appropriate clients. 

2. You Don't Have to Invest in Your Own Laundry Equipment

If your clients have small amounts of laundry, you may be able to wash and dry them while you complete their cleaning if they have on-site laundry facilities for you to use. However, this option isn't feasible if they have a large number of items that need laundering.

Another option is to invest in your own laundry equipment and complete the laundering at your office. This means that you have to devote financial resources to purchasing and maintaining the laundry equipment. It's also necessary to buy the needed supplies for washing and drying the clothing, like laundry detergent and stain removal products.

You must also make sure that your company's space has a washer and dryer hookup. This benefit may substantially raise the cost of your space. Save money and space by outsourcing the laundering work.

3. A Commercial Service Can Handle Hard-to-Launder Items

Depending on your clients, you may have some items that are tricky to launder or require special equipment. For example, if you provide cleaning services for a local bed and breakfast, it might have large, bulky comforters that don't wash well in a standard-sized laundry machine. Your laundry service will have over-sized equipment perfect for properly washing and drying these cumbersome items.


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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