schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Keep The Artificial Turf On Your Playground Clean And Sanitary With Professional Cleaning

Felecia Coleman

Artificial turf is an excellent choice for a school or daycare playground. It provides cushioning for falls and always stays green and lush through all seasons. Artificial turf keeps your grounds more attractive, but only if you care for it properly, and that entails periodic cleaning. Here are some steps an artificial turf cleaning company may take to keep your playground turf in good shape.

Sweep Away Debris

If your turf spreads over a large area, keeping litter and leaves picked up may be a time-consuming chore. A turf cleaning company can sweep the turf with a machine that also lifts the blades so the debris is gone and the appearance of the turf is restored at the same time. In addition, a turf sweeper has a magnetic bar that lifts out small metal pieces such as screws and nails that might be embedded in the turf and pose a danger to kids on the playground.

Wash The Turf

The cleaning company may also wash the turf since the water will rinse away debris that's matted between the blades. This also gives the company a chance to see how well the turf is draining, since quick drainage is important for the lifespan of the turf. This will ensure that your playground is back in service quickly after rain. In addition to checking the drainage, the company can check the condition of the turf with each cleaning and point out damaged areas that should be repaired for the safety of your kids.

Sanitize The Playground

Even if your playground turf looks spotless, it can harbor germs that spread colds and other illnesses among the kids. Another possible source of contamination is from wildlife that sneaks in after the school is closed. Stray cats, possums, squirrels, rats, or raccoons can leave behind urine, droppings, or germs. Plus, kids may have accidents on the turf involving urine, blood, or vomit.

Having the turf sanitized periodically or at times when the flu and colds are rampant could protect the health of the kids using your playground. Sanitizing can be done with enzymes, bacteria, or chemicals that kill bacteria and viruses, but don't leave behind residue that's dangerous for kids.

Between professional artificial turn cleanings, you can spot clean the turf yourself as part of your regular grounds and building maintenance. Sweeping, raking, or hosing off the turf helps keep it looking nice, but deep cleaning is necessary to remove odors, kill germs, and remove debris that holds down the blades and makes the turf look worn. The cleaning company can help you determine the type of cleaning your playground needs as well as how often it should be done based on the size of the playground and how it's used.


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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