schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Prepare Your Business For A Professional Window Cleaning Session

Felecia Coleman

Commercial-grade cleaning agents and tools are used during a professional window cleaning session. These will aid with the removal of sap, dirt, fingerprints, and other substances that you may have overlooked or had difficulty removing yourself. If your commercial business contains many windows, prepare for a window cleaning session by moving items that may hinder a cleaning crew's ability to access interior or exterior panes.

Prepare The Interior

Formulate a business plan that will allow operations to continue on the day that the windows will be cleaned. When setting up your appointment to have services rendered, inquire about the amount of equipment that will be used throughout the task and the manner in which each window will be treated.

A cleaning crew may complete either indoor or outdoor cleaning steps in their entirety before addressing the opposite side of each glass pane. If workstations and equipment are set up next to interior windows, move furnishings and equipment to the central part of each room.

Request that your employees box up personal items that are located near the windows and remove window coverings that block each pane. Close all windows, to prevent water or cleaning agents from being sprayed into the building. Move all equipment that is electrically operated to a secure area within your business. If any of the equipment is bulky and will be too difficult to move to an alternate area, drape waterproof covers over each item.

Prepare The Exterior

Walk around the perimeter of the building and remove potted plants, patio furniture, and signage that could potentially affect the cleaning crew's ability to set up ladders, pressure washers, and other equipment that will be used. Place all of these items indoors or move them to the edge of the property.

Inspect the eaves and any overhangs that are part of your building's structure. If there are any hornet nests or overgrown branches that are near some of the windows, remove them. Make sure that there is ample room for the cleaning crew to drive upon when they first enter the premises.

If the parking lot tends to become overcrowded during normal business hours, request that your staff members park their vehicles on the grass or elsewhere on the day that the windows will be cleaned. This will ensure that the crew can maneuver their vehicles through the lot and will also supply your customers with plenty of room to park their vehicles.


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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