schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Why Modern Janitors Are Much Different To The Ones You Probably Remember

Felecia Coleman

If you are looking for a new cleaning service for your school or workplace then you probably have at least thought of hiring a janitor. Many people are very familiar with them due to their presence in virtually every elementary, middle and high school, but their role has also changed and evolved over time just like so many other industries. Janitorial services are even more useful and relevant now than they were back in the day you remember them, and so they can be a valuable addition to help ensure the cleanliness of your space, whatever that industry that may be in.

Lighter Cleaners

You probably remember the strong smell of ammonia and other harsh chemicals when going through the hallways of your school. While it can be a very useful cleaning agent, that does not mean it doesn't sting the eyes and nose and leave quite a strong impression on all those who pass by it. Modern janitorial services try to use much less harsh cleaning agents especially when going through areas that are commonly used by your employees and clients (as well as students if you are, indeed, at a school). This makes them feel like much more of a positive presence overall and makes them much easier to work around, without sacrificing cleaning ability.

Hours According To Your Needs

Janitorial services are there to serve a need, and that could come at many different times of the day. If you have an issue with scheduling and can't have anyone cleaning your hallways, offices, and other rooms during traditional business hours, then that doesn't mean you are ineligible for janitorial services, far from it. Many janitorial services offer infinitely flexible timelines, meaning they can work at whatever time you need and can change fairly quickly as long as you give them advanced notice of a new schedule coming into effect.

Recycling And Reusing

Everyone is trying to do their part and be a little less impactful on the environment in today's day and age, and that includes janitorial services. While in the past they may have thrown out all the trash together in the same place and used bleaches that contained toxins which could very easily be negative to the water table, now they are much more careful. Recycling and using less harmful materials to clean is key to their mission. Overall they are just as good at cleaning, if not better, thanks to new technology, while also being conscious of environmental impacts.

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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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