schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Cleaning Services For Hoarders

Felecia Coleman

Hoarding is a disorder that makes it extremely difficult for people to part ways with their possessions. It's more severe than a collecting habit, as it eventually leads to a home overloaded with junk. When clutter gets to an unreasonable level, and it's obvious to everyone besides the person doing it, it's probably hoarding.

Hoarders don't just make a mess; they create a dangerous and unhealthy living situation for themselves and everyone else in their household. Cleaning the mess can lead to emotional stress for hoarders, so you have to approach the problem delicately. However, doing nothing makes the situation even worse. 

It's a Health Hazard

Messy homes are ideal for bacteria, mold, and pests to thrive. Additionally, it's almost impossible to clean up efficiently when there's too much junk around. How can you vacuum your carpet if it's completely covered in piles of garbage? 

Here are some of the common dangerous conditions found in hoarders' homes: 

  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • Pet waste

  • Human waste

  • Rotting food

  • Pest infestations

  • Dangerous fumes

It's a Fire Hazard

Hoarding can lead to fire hazards since the piled-up junk can block walkways, doors, and windows. If there were a fire or some other emergency, it could be difficult for your friend or family member to escape on time. 

Knowing When to Intervene

If someone you know is struggling with hoarding and living in filthy conditions, stepping in and doing something about it is vital. The longer you allow it to continue, the more the dangers will grow. If you care about the person, you need to do something about it even when you know they will resist. 

Cleaning companies specializing in hoarding situations will often have resources to connect your loved one with a therapist and other mental health professionals. It's a crucial step to take before the actual cleaning process. Otherwise, the fact that you're getting their place cleaned may be too overwhelming for them. 

What Will the Cleaners Do?

When you hire professional cleaners for a hoarder's home, they come prepared for a more extreme mess. They will likely need to wear special safety equipment to keep themselves safe while cleaning. The cleaning crew will also bring their most powerful equipment and supplies, as hoarding cleanups require more than other jobs. 

The results can be catastrophic if you don't hire professional cleaners for your friend or family member who is hoarding. The faster you act, the better. One day, your friend or loved one will likely thank you for saving them.


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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