schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

Patio Washing Gives Your Patio A Fresh Look

Felecia Coleman

If you've had your patio for years, it may be streaked with stains, ground-in dirt, and algae stains. You may not even want to use your patio since it looks dirty and unsanitary. Patio washing can bring your old concrete, stone, or brick patio back to life. A patio pressure washing company can use high-pressure water to blast off embedded dirt and stains. Here are the steps involved. 

Decide On The Services You Want

You'll want to get an estimate on the cost of washing your patio. You can also ask if they offer other services, such as cleaning your patio furniture or your grill. A pressure washer can clean certain types of patio furniture to make it look new so it isn't an eyesore on your newly cleaned patio.

Prepare For Pressure Washing

It's good to start by sweeping the patio to get all the debris off of it and remove the furniture, grill, and other things that may be in the way. This gives the technician plenty of space to work, and to make sure no parts of your patio are missed. You might also need to cover any plants near your patio to protect them from the spray and cleaning chemicals.

Apply Cleaning Products

Depending on the condition of your patio, the pressure washing technician may need to apply cleaning chemicals and let them work for a few minutes before rinsing them with the power washer. The technician may want to use a product that kills algae so it won't come back once the patio is clean.

Cleaning products can be applied before power washing or they can be applied along with power washing so the pressure scours your patio with the cleaners. However, the final step is always a clear-water rinse.

Wash The Patio

A pressure washing company can wash any type of patio material because they are able to adjust the pressure so wood or bricks aren't damaged. The technician washes a section of your patio at a time always watching for streaks so when they're finished there is no trace of dirt or stains left behind and no streaks that mar the clean shine.

Pressure washing removes years of buildup that makes your patio look neglected and ugly. Old bricks can look new again and a concrete slab can look white and clean. Patio washing is a quick and easy way to restore the appearance of your patio so you can reclaim the space for lounging and grilling.


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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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