schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

2 Reasons To Hire A Professional Service To Clean Up A Hoarder's Home Instead Of Doing It Yourself

Felecia Coleman

If you have a loved one who has been a hoarder for years, they may have come to a point where they need to clean out their house. Because of their difficulty in getting rid of their possessions, they may have asked you to help them out.

Even if you are willing to help them clean their house, you should think twice about doing it on your own. Below are a couple of the reasons why you should hire a professional service to help clean up a hoarder's home instead of doing it yourself.

1. They Have the Equipment and Experience Necessary to Work in an Unsafe, Unclean Environment

One reason why a professional cleanup service should be hired to help with clearing out and cleaning your loved one's home is that they have the equipment and experience necessary to work in an unsafe, unclean environment. Since a hoarder's home is filled with piles of items, and often, trash, moving the piles could expose you to excessive amounts of old dust and dirt that are filled with mold spores, insects, rodent feces, bacteria, and other pathogens. 

When you hire a service to do the work, they have equipment that can protect them, such as masks, gloves, and suits. They also have equipment available to remove large piles and solutions to fully clean and disinfect the area as well as chemicals to help rid the home of insects and rodents.

2. They Have Access to Therapists and Other Resources to Help the Hoarder Cope with the Change

Another reason why you should not try to help your loved one clean up their home when they are a hoarder is that they may not deal well with the drastic change in their living conditions. As part of their illness, they have become attached to everything in the house. Even if they requested your help, they may still fight you over every piece you try to throw away.

However, having a third party perform the job transfers the disposal responsibility to them. The service also has access to therapists and other mental health resources to help your loved one cope with the changes as well as receive help for the underlying cause of the hoarding.

If your loved one is a hoarder and you are trying to help them clear out their living space, do not try to do the cleanup yourself. A professional service has the equipment and experience necessary to efficiently clean out the house while minimizing their exposure to an unsafe, unclean environment filled with years of dust, mold, pests, bacteria, and other pathogens. They also have access to resources that can help your loved one cope with the drastic change. For more information, contact a business that offers hoarding sanitation cleanup services in your area to speak with a representative.

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schedule cleaning services to suit your personal needs

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